Professions Fly Casting Instruction. Whether you are a novice with no experience, or just want to brush up on the double haul for an upcoming guided trip to some exotic location. Fly fishing enthusiast, Jim is here to help. Don't let life pass you by if you always wanted to get into fly fishing and you are finding time now in your life to give it a try. Learn from the professional team and learn the right way. " Casting is 90% of the fly fly fishing strategy". As long as you have a fly on that closely imitates a bug or minnow, "presentation" is key to make the fish eat. If you cannot cast far enough, if your fly spooks the fish, or if your fly does not get in the strike zone, you will have very little chance for a bite.  

Private lessons are provided on any section or on any skills you need to improve. $50 per hour (call for reservations) CALL TO SCHEDULE (585) 750-5004

Jim C. (45 + years experience - fresh and salt-water)

Class 1:  Introduction  (2-3 hours)

Class Review

  • Why we fish, What makes fly casting different, the importance of presentation, reasons to have more flies, N.Y. State fishing regulations as it pertains to fly fishing, Equipment needs, & what to bring to the next class.
  • We will cover, fly rod actions, parts and weights, important knots, fly line and leader designs.
  • Stringing - up
  • Getting started: 1) the dynamics of the cast 2) essential parts of the casts.

Class 2:  The Roll Cast (about 2 hours)

Class Review

  • Knot tying: the perfection loop, blood knot and nail knot.
  • Why we do the roll cast, set - up for the roll cast and demonstration of the roll cast with shooting line for extra distance and the roll cast off the opposite shoulder.

Class 3: Basic Casting, False Casting & accuracy casting/ casting at angles (about 2 hours)

Class review

  • Knot tying: the improved clinch knot, homer Rhode loop knot, unit knot/duncan loop
  • Demonstrate the basic and false cast.
  • Casting tips
  • Demonstrate how to fight a fish with angles

Class 4:  Intermediate/ advanced class (about 2 hours)

Class Review

  • Oval cast
  • Casting tips
  • Tailing loops/wind knots
  • Line hand duties
  • Single haul & Double haul
  • Shooting line