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The Magic Water Chapter 7

Published November 13, 2016 951 Views

Snowy Dimension Aaah screamed Caleb as his car was spinning around wildly in circles going way over the speed limit of the road he was just on. He suddenly was in a world full of snow. He decided to walk around a bit and suddenly he heard the sound of Clank clank clank. It sounded like metal be...

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The Magic Water Chapter 6

Published November 13, 2016 906 Views

Rise of Evil

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The Magic Water Chapter 5

Published November 13, 2016 805 Views

Deep Dark Africa Unexpectedly Caleb showed up two days early. “Hey Poppy, what are you waiting for? We need to get ready for our adventure.” “Ahhh Caleb, you surprised me,” said Poppy. “You are not supposed to arrive for a few more days. How did you get here?” “What do you mean Poppy?” asked C...

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The Magic Water Chapter 4

Published November 13, 2016 877 Views

Time Travel   On the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday Caleb has a few days off and Poppy and Caleb needed a project. So Caleb came up with a good one “Let’s build a time machine.”  “Well” said Poppy, “No one has ever been able to do it but we should try. We’ll need a design so off we g...

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The Magic Water Chapter 3

Published November 13, 2016 830 Views

Secret Treasure Back in the forest at the cabin, Caleb whined about his summer being almost over and having to go back to school. “Bummer,” says Poppy, “but school is where I learned all about animals in biology and zoology classes, I really liked science.” Poppy had an idea for one more adventu...

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The Magic Water Chapter 2

Published November 13, 2016 776 Views

The Big Fish Back at the cabin Caleb asked Poppy if he had figured out what the key was for.  “Not yet,” Poppy answered, “but I know we will.”  “Now what do we do? I’m bored, said Caleb. “Well I have an idea” said Poppy. “Remember that trout we caught, the little one? How about we go...

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Magic Water Chapter 1

Published November 13, 2016 882 Views

The Great Idea Once upon a time, in the darkest end of the deepest forest, in a small cabin a small boy named Caleb asked his Poppy to write a book. Poppy looked at Caleb and said, “You are a kooky-head. Why write a book when we can have an adventure?”  Caleb said “I WANT TO DO BOTH!”&nbs...

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Alaska Wilderness Fly Fishing Trip

Published November 13, 2016 796 Views

Alaska Wilderness Fly Fishing Trip

In Sept of 2013 I spent 18 days chasing coho salmon in the Alaskan wilderness. Enjoy the photo archive for now Stories to come.                     &nb...

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