Time Travel  

On the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday Caleb has a few days off and Poppy and Caleb needed a project. So Caleb came up with a good one “Let’s build a time machine.” 
“Well” said Poppy, “No one has ever been able to do it but we should try. We’ll need a design so off we go to the basement and with paper and pencil. We’re also going to need 70 Philips head screws. But that’s, no problem” says Poppy “We have just enough.” “We need a tunnel shaped metal tube,” added Caleb. “Got it,”said Poppy. “What else?”
“Flux capacitor? Got it. We used 70 screws, one satellite, one door, one radar, two wires, Sonar, five pieces of metal, transducer, gears, batteries, radio or calculator. Some of the objects we did not use yet but will have to find them first.”
“We are going to need some serious power” adds Caleb. He was thinking, “What’s next? We need a way to re-set the time.” 
“Well this old calculator may work but we need some light. It is solar powered,” said Poppy. “2012 minus a couple million years should be interesting,” thought Poppy.
That day Poppy and Caleb attended at seminar at the Rochester Museum and Science Center on energy generation where they saw five different kinds of energy: light, heat, kinetic, potential and lightning. So they had some new ideas. The scientist giving the demonstration was funny. He showed a bunch of ways to generate energy including blowing up a bunch of stuff creating a fire from a great big plastic bottle, everyone laughed.
“Poppy, we probably need all kinds of power to make this work,” said Caleb. Poppy had said that the most power could come from lightning, just like Frankenstein’s monster. They’d need something to make the molecules shiver. Time is nothing but the movement of atoms, so to make time move back, they’d need to shift them. 
“The problem,” Poppy said, “is that we do not know the state of what the atoms were in the Cretaceous–Paleocene era, when dinosaurs ruled. So all we can do is conjure the best images we know. If there is some overlap with our current knowledge, we could be in trouble.” 
“Go for it,” said Caleb. “We’ll never know unless we try.” They worked for hours setting up the experiment. One afternoon everyone gathered to see the model of their time machine. “Get ready,” said Poppy 
“Caleb, put in the coordinates and I’ll stick my hand in to see if anything happens.”
Caleb typed in 2012--65 million years and waited for the signal to hit “equals = on the calculator. Everyone was holding his or her breath. They counted down 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1-GO .
Well nothing happened but when Poppy pulled his hand out it had disappeared. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” screamed Poppy “Reset it back to 2012 .Hurry before a dinosaur eats my hand!”
Everyone laughed because Poppy had just pulled his shirt sleeve over his hand.
“Caleb, we’ll need to work on this some more. I’ll get some more parts and next vacation we’ll try again.”
The next week Caleb and Poppy searched the internet for some additional parts, We thought we we were close but something was wrong. “I think we need some more power,” said Caleb. “I don’t know where we can get that,” said Poppy. 
“Water power! If we can tap into the power generated by Niagara Falls it would be more than enough.” 
Under the falls to hook in to the hydro electric power generator 
Maid of the Mist 
Jump off 
Think we are dead     but just acting dead AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Don’t move they see you when you move so stay still. Dive under the water and hold your breath. Dino’s don’t like water but some do the Megalarsauras likes to eat meat. Holy crap batman said Poppy don’t go there said Caleb this is for real. No Caleb it is just time travel so we need to get the hell out of here. We get the Jeep CALEB drive across the power line we need more POWER. As Caleb puts the jeep in low power and floors it we cross to the next dimension. Oh no says Poppy more trouble……….