Snowy Dimension

Aaah screamed Caleb as his car was spinning around wildly in circles going way over the speed limit of the road he was just on. He suddenly was in a world full of snow. He decided to walk around a bit and suddenly he heard the sound of Clank clank clank. It sounded like metal be smashed against stone. He followed the sound of the clanking just like he had learned from Poppy while looking for the magic water pond. There he found some lady and asked here where he was. She said she was mining and she was the lead of the expedition. Suddenly a worker came running and said we found it. She went over to the table where the item they found was and she said "were done here" happily. Suddenly a kid came over and swiped the bone from the table and ran away. Caleb decided to run after him... To be continued

Maybe you could Incorporate Poppy in this somewhere. There is more coming.